Monday, July 30, 2012

Tangy Roti Papad

Hi Readers,

This is left over food preparation, that is chatapata in taste. I got to know this dish  when we stayed in Bihar. This is a common preparation in Bihar as most of the people in Bihar eat Chapati/Roti as their staple food. It is very simple to make and serves as a snack item.

Ingredients :- 1- 2 to 3 roti/chapati.
2- 1 big onion.
3- 3 green chili
4- salt to taste
5- 1 tsp oil
6- 1/2 tsp lemon juice

Method :- Break the roti/chapati into tiny pieces. In a pan heat the oil, when its ready you can sprinkle Jeera/Coriander which is optional. Add green chili and onion, cook till onion turns golden. Add the roti/Chapati pieces, add salt and cook for another 3 mins. When done remove from flame and add the lemon juice, mix well and serve hot. You could also sprinkle a little amount of chat masala to taste.


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