Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bhindi Sarso Masala


This is easy to make and with minimal ingredients that are readily available in Indian kitchen. This is tasty and is best served with rice in Lunch.

Ingredients :-
½ tsp kalo jarred(nigella seeds)
3 green chillies-slit lengthwise
30 small dharosh-head and tail cut
3 tbsp sarson(mustard) seeds
1 tbsp khus khus(poppy seeds)
3 green chillies
A pinch of salt
Soak all the above for 30 minutes and make a paste
For gravy/sauce
2heaped tbsp sarson(mustard) –of the prepared paste
1 tbsp dahi(yogurt)-mix with the mustard paste and leave for 2 minutes
Peanut oil
Mustard oil (optional)

Method :-
Heat oil in a kadhai/ frying pan. Temper with jeera and green chilli
When the spices start sputtering add washed and dried okra.
Sauté okra for 44-5 mins with a pinch of turmeric
Do not deep fry them, they should be tender and half cooked. You will know because they will glisten and have turned soft by this time
Mix the mustard paste with yogurt and add the mixture to the okra
Add salt and sugar.
Mix well, add a dash of mustard oil and cover and cook.
Stir intermittently till orka is done

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