Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dahi Baigan/Baingan

This is a traditional Oriya dish. It is served as an additional dish along with the major dish of rice and curries. The dish has a sweet and sour flavour.

4 medium sized brinjal
250 gm curd
salt to taste
Paanch Phutan (Cumin, Fennel,Fenugreek,Mustard & Black seeds)
sugar optional
pinch of turmeric
1 red chili

Cut the brinjals into thin strips. Add salt and turmeric to it. Either you can fry them in medium flame or you can deep fry them. Deep frying helps in not breaking the brinjals in between. However, while frying you need to be careful not to break the slices.
Now fro tampering, take 1 tsp of oil in a pan. When its hot add the Paanch Phutan seeds. When they start cracking ,add the red chili to it and remove from flame.
In another container take the whole curd and whisk it. If you want to make it thinner then add little water to it. Add salt to it. When the oil that we prepared cools to room temperature add it into the curd. Now add the brinjals and keep it for sometime before serving. This can be served chill.

1- The tampering mixture should be cooled to room temperature before putting in curd inorder to avoid spoiling the texture of curd.
2- Care should be taken while frying brinjals in order to avoid breaking the slices.

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