Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuffed Onion rings

This dish is inspired by the stuffed Onions in Master Chef India. I have used the stuffing of brinjal with potato and tomato. The stuffing can be changed according to your own choice.

Ingredient :-
1- Large Onions
2- Stuffing of your own choice. i have used brinjal and potato tossed in tomato and cheese.
This dish is prepared in pan and I did not use any oven to bake the onions. However, the same can be done using oven t bake the onions. Peel the outer cover of onion and cut through the bases. In a thick bottomed pan add a little oil and put the onions to roast. Overturn the onions when the bottom is cooked. Then,remove from flame and let it cool down.  Using a small knife scoop out the inside section of each onion. The inside portion can be used in preparing the stuffing.
Stuffing :-
Add about 1 tsp of oil to pan. When hot add onions and chopped tomatoes. Add salt and turmeric to it. When the tomatoes are cooked properly add a finely chopped potato and finely chopped brinjal. Cook for about 10 mins and remove from flame.

Now, fill the stuffing inside the onions and top it up with cheese. Heat a little amount of cheese in a pan and again bake the onions for 2 mins until the cheese starts dripping from the onion top. Garnish with tomato and coriander and serve hot with tomato and chili sauce.

Try this starter and let me know your feedback.


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