Saturday, November 24, 2012

Traditional Mix veg curry with Mustard paste

Hi Readers,

This is a traditional curry made with mustard paste. It is a Odia dish that is usually made in summers.

Ingredients :- 1- Bindi/Ladies finger 100 gm cut into long pieces
2- brinjal/egg plant -50 gm cut into 4 pieces
3- 2 potato cut into small cubes
4- Badi / urad dal badi fried
5- mustard paste
6- 1 chopped onion
7- 1 green chili chopped
8- 1 tomato chopped / 1 dried mango piece (ambula)
9- turmeric
10- salt
11- oil to fry
12 - cumin and mustard seeds

Method :- Fry Bindi, brinjal and potato in oil. Fry till its half done. Do not over fry. Remove from flame. Add oil in a pan. Add cumin & mustard seeds. Add onion, green chili and cook till onion turns brown. Add tomato or the mango paste made with dried mango in water. Cook till tomato is cooked. Add vegetables and badi to it. Add mustard paste and little water to make a gravy. Cook over medium flame till all vegetables are cooked. Serve hot with rice.

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