Friday, October 18, 2013


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From my childhood, I liked almost all deep fried foods. So, poori was no doubt one of my favorite dish. My brother used to be health conscious when we both were on school. I would ask Mom to prepare Poori and he on other hand would suggest simple phulka. Sometimes, especially on festive days, Mom would make Poori and dum aloo.

Now, things have changed, even I do not make Poori often, except on occasions, that too hardly once or twice in a year. This time on Navami I had made Poori. This is simple thing but yes people do get into problem when Poori does not come out the way it should be, instead it becomes Papad, crunchy and flat. So, here is a recipe and tips that would make good Poori. This post is meant for beginners.

Ingredients :- 
1 cup whole wheat flour
About 250 ml oil for deep frying
water to knead
salt as per taste.

Method :-

Put flour in a bowl, add about 1 tbsp oil and salt . Mix this oil with the flour so that lumps do not form. Now, add water and form soft dough like chapati dough. Divide it into small parts are roll it using oil and rolling pin. (Note:- For rolling chapati we use flour for dusting, for Poori it is oil so that when you deep fry that do not leave behind flour in oil)

Heat a thick bottomed deep frying pan and add rest of the oil. When oil is heated but not too hot, add Poori. When it starts to come up in oil, using a spatula put little hot oil from above it so that it forms round and properly expands. Turn each sides and remove when it is cooked. Serve hot with any side dish. Dum-aloo, Chana masla, chickpea masla and matar paneer  goes well with this. In south India, Poori is served with Sagu ( south indian style mix veg). 

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