Saturday, October 12, 2013

Suji Halwa

Hi Readers,

I had prepared this dessert few days back. I did not post this at time, as I thought the day I won't have anything to post I will post this one. It is one of the most common halwa, or seera as it is sometimes called. It uses Rawa/Suji as its main ingredient.

Ingredients :- 
1 cup Rawa/Suji
2 tbsp jaggery
1 tbsp ghee
1/2 cup water
few dry nuts and rasins roasted
1 cup milk

Method :-
Heat a skillet. Roast Suji/Rawa over medium heat and mix in between so that it does not start burning at bottom. When it gives a good smell and starts turning brown, add ghee, mix ghee well and keep it aside. Add water to same skillet. Add jaggery and mix it well to form a syrup like consistency. Add the Suji/Rawa, add milk and the nuts and rasins. Serve hot.

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