Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sabudana Thalipeeth

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Thalipeeth is a Maharastrian dish and this one is made with Sabu dana/Tapoica balls. This contains potato and sabu dana as main ingredents. Lets now have a look at the recipe.

•Sago (sabudana) 1 cup
•Kuttu ka atta/Buckwheat flour 1/4 cup
•Potatoes,boiled and grated 2 large
•Green chillies,chopped 2-3
•Fresh coriander leaves,chopped 2 tablespoons
•Salt/Sendha namak to taste
•Roasted peanuts,crushed 1/2 cup
•Pure ghee 4-5 teaspoons

Wash and drain sabudana, sprinkle a little water and keep it covered for forty-five minutes. Loosen the sabudana grains and transfer into a bowl. Add potatoes, green chillies, coriander leaves, salt and crushed peanuts,kuttu ka atta and knead well. Heat a tawa. With wet hands take a portion of the sabudana mixture and spread it on the tawa as thinly as possible. Make a few holes and put some ghee in the holes and also around the thalipeeth. Flip over when the underside is light golden and cook till the other side is cooked equally golden. Serve hot with any chutney of your choice. 

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